A Few LDP Updates

          As hopeful leaders, we are constantly changing and adapting to help us continually improve and the LDP is no different. Over the past year, the LDP has modified its vision and values along with adding a pledge to the foundation of LDP.
 The Pledge Signed by The Members of LDP

         Our new vision has changed from: “To become the premier university program which develops the United States of America’s future technical leaders.” to: “To become the premier university program which develops global technical leaders.”
         This change might seem simple but it is very significant to our organization. It shows that the leaders of LDP are not limited to only bettering the United States but are able to change the world. For example, a few years ago LDP had several Brazilian exchange students on the team. They returned home after a year but they started an amazing leadership movement in Brazil, sparked by things learned in the LDP. Their movement is quickly gaining momentum and they are hosting a large international leadership workshop this year. (Check out their website, including an article on the LDP here.)
      The LDP values have also been updated to Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Respect, Empathy, and Dedication. Empathy was added to the values after the team identified that in order to lead successfully you must be able to relate to the members on your team.
      Another challenge in LDP this year was defining how an LDP member should act. This led to the development of our LDP pledge, created on Team Day: “I will support my fellow LDP members, hold them accountable to our shared values, and challenge them to push beyond their limits.”