A Day of Giving By–Scott Costello

Robert Lozar-McDonald
     Southern Illinois University (SIU) has been around since 1869. Since then, many students have come through the doors to start preparing for their careers. SIU’s schools offer several opportunities for students; whether their dreams are to become engineers, athletes, or even astronauts, all are achievable at SIU. On March 7th, SIU will be hosting its second annual Day of Giving, also coined “SIU Day”. This year, the LDP sought out the opportunity to join the college of engineering for the one-day campaign.
     The Day of Giving is an event that seeks donations from alumni, students, families, and SIU supporters. It began in 2017 and was a huge success in raising money for numerous causes around the University. The LDP initially planned to begin its own Giving Campaign this year. However, thanks to the guidance of Nanditha Balasubramanian and Matt McCoy, we decided to team up with the SIU’s Day of Giving. Dr. Warwick, Dean of the College of Engineering, agreed to have the LDP as a direct option under the College of Engineering for SIU Day.

Jessica Higginbotham

—–Our goal for the Day of Giving is to achieve 100% LDP alumni participation in donations, whether it is a time or monetary value. Furthermore,  Dick Blaudow, founder of Advanced Technology Services Inc. (ATS) and founder of the LDP, has also gotten on board with the Day of Giving. He has pledged to match all donations the LDP receives up to $10,000. With his help, this year’s Day of Giving will be a huge success. Calling for the event will occur on March 7th from 6-8pm CST. We will be open for donations at any time starting March 7th at 6am to March 8th 6am. We thank all readers for your continued support and look forward to making our inaugural Day of Giving one to remember.