About us

We are a service organization that develop leaders and impact our community.

The Leadership Development Program is designed to educate the next generation of technical leaders for worlds future through leadership training, mentoring and community service opportunities.

We are one of very few STEM colleges in the nation that offers a technical leadership program that provides a direct bridge from leadership training to a career as a technical leader.


The SIUC Leadership Development Program was founded in 2006 by Dick Blaudow, an SIUC engineering alumnus and CEO of Advanced Technology Services based out of Peoria, IL. Blaudow along with his wife, Brigitte, established the program as a way to help develop the next generation of America’s technical leaders.

The program continues to improve and expand since its inception by never losing focus on our vision, mission, and core values that guide our tradition of success and excellence.

Vision: To become the premier university leadership program that empowers and transform people and organizations around the world.

Mission: Though team work, we achieve excellence by pushing harder, faster and further in everything we do.

Motto: Challenge yourself. Change the world!

Core Values
The values of the Leadership Development Program reflect the top trait of a good leader: Our SHARED Values are Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Empathy, Respect, and Dedication.