Prospective Applicants

Do you desire to become a technical leader, have strong leadership potential, and are considering Southern Illinois University-Carbondale as your next move?…we have a great opportunity for you! 

The Leadership Development Program is designed to educate the next generation of technical leaders for America’s future. We are one of very few colleges of engineering in the nation that offers a technical leadership program that provides a direct bridge from leadership training to a career as a technical leader. Each student that is selected will receive:

  • An opportunity for a 3-month paid internship position
  • Leadership training workshops and hands-on leadership experience

Founded by Dick Blaudow, CEO of Advanced Technology Services (ATS), we have enjoyed tremendous success in identifying and grooming top engineering talent to assume leadership roles in manufacturing. As workplace demographics evolve and experienced workers begin to retire, U.S. manufacturing firms will find it increasingly difficult to find the right mix of skilled engineers for their needs. This is one reason why the SIUC Leadership Development Program is gaining the attention of top businesses.




  • Leadership training program to develop the next generation of America’s technical leaders
  • Established in 2006
  • Corporate sponsorships: Advanced Technology Services, Boeing, Nascote Industries, Nucor, Spartan Light Metal Products
  • One of only a few engineering leadership development programs in the nation
  • Requires additional classes, leadership training and coaching, and student organization leadership


Career Leadership

  • 98% placement rate before graduation
  • Most graduates are offered fast-track career opportunities

Academic Leadership

  • 3.3 Cumulative GPA at Graduation
  • 100% Graduation Rate for members
  • 4 Recipients of Illinois 50 For The Future Award
  • 3 Outstanding Senior Awards in the CoE

Student Leadership

  • Students held president offices in 9 out of 14 of the college’s Student Organizations
  • Raised over $44K for other Student Organizations
  • 2 National Robotic Championships
  • Established 3 new student organizations
  • Returned over $2M in six sigma cost savings to internship companies
  • Goal: All CoE Student Organizations place in top 25% in the nation

Service Leadership

  • Use service projects to learn how to lead
  • 1st Place in three campus-wide blood drives
  • Lead over 40 university and community service projects


  • Expand program across the campus with SIU and corporate support