Ladies Pursing Leadership: Women of the LDP – By Breanna Whitley

     In today’s globally competitive job market, effective leaders are in high demand. The Leadership Development Program saw that need as a direct call to action, and since 2007 student leaders have been transitioning from students to industry leaders. Unfortunately, the reality is that women occupy only a fraction of leadership positions in industry, politics, and business. As for the ladies of the LDP, we saw the need for women in leadership roles and interpreted it as an opportunity to rise to the occasion.

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Nascote Industries Tour – By Joe Loftus

       Earlier this fall, LDP members took advantage of an opportunity set forth by Nascote to tour their automotive parts manufacturing facility. In Nashville, IL we met with Nascote’s HR representative, Jeff Dahlquist who informed us of both the technical side of manufacturing automotive parts as well as the company’s history, goals, vision, and values. I was amazed at the degree of professionalism and hospitality that Mr. Dahlquist and his team had demonstrated during the initial meeting. That goes to show how they want to treat people as the choice corporation providing innovative products as well as being an ethical and responsible corporate citizen.

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You are Not Losing Time – By Diogo Seixas

    Very often we get too worried when we are trying to decide between things, simply because we think we may be losing time. Why do that when you can do something different? Let’s put that into another perspective: What is “losing time”?

Years spent in a relationship that didn’t work out?

Years in a company in which you are not satisfied?

Years in a course/major/university that, after all, is not what you want for life?

Years of ballet and not becoming a ballerina?

Years of football and not becoming a professional player?

If you fit in one – or more – of any of the categories above, you really think you lost your time?

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Summer Internship in San Diego – By Suddarsun Shivakumar

     This summer I was fortunate enough to get an internship in San Diego, California. I heard about this internship through one of my friends, Garrett, who is from San Diego but goes to school here at SIU. He put me in contact with whom he was going to be working, which was in the lab of a data analyst and entrepreneur, Mr. Eric Busboom. Mr. Busboom is the CEO of Civic Knowledge, a data analytics company.

      Mr. Busboom also has a robotics lab where I worked on a six-axis industrial robotic arm. This robotic arm was originally used by Kyocera in the 1990’s and had old pendant controls on it. This summer, my team and I digitalized the controls on this robotic arm.

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LDP Member Spotlight- By Scott Kasper

      My name is Scott Kasper and I’m from a small town around Springfield, Illinois called Riverton. I graduated near the top of a class of a little over 100 students. I lived in a small white house with my mother right down the street from my grandparents, so family has always been a big part of my life. Being an only child, coming to SIU has been a huge change in my life. Growing up in Riverton was just as any small town; the people were composed of a similar demographic. In Carbondale, I am part of a much larger community and I have been exposed to much more diversity. It has been one big continuous learning experience as I came to SIU, and I love it. I came to study civil engineering, but even as a freshman, I’ve picked up so much more than that.

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LDP in Science – By Duane Leikteig

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

     Science, as a method of acquiring knowledge, not only enables advances that shape the course of human history, but molds the identity of individuals who join its pursuits. With logic, through curiosity, we pursue questions to understand the marvels of nature leading to evidence-based explanations and predictions. As we work to make sense of the unknown, we experience the difficulties of making decisions in high-stress environments, under the constant specter of uncertainty. Through our training, we become problem-solvers, innovators, technical experts, and skeptical pursuers of knowledge. However, the path to receive expertise in science, at any level, does not in itself confer us the training of a global technical leader.

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Vision for LDP Service Weekend – By Andrew Paxton

      One thing that we like to do in the LDP is give back. In past events, we’ve done things
for the science center, tree planting, Varsity theatre, etc. We do these events, not simply because we like them, but because once we’re finally done with a project, we can turn around and say “wow, we did a good thing”. We also do these projects, because they are a way for us to stay well rounded, and a way for us to further our connection as a team.

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LDP Running Clinic – By Olivia Taitt

   This morning, I heard someone say, “You want to know the best oxymoron I’ve ever heard? A fun run. Ain’t nothing fun about a run.”

In the LDP, we have to run as a way to boost our physical stamina and learn good life habits. Is running fun in the moment? Probably not. Is running fun in retrospect? Maybe for some, but most would say it is never any fun at all. Yet there’s always things in life we won’t enjoy doing but the benefits outweigh the consequences.

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Spotlight on Summer Activities – Lincoln Kinley

     My name is Lincoln Kinley. This is my second year in LDP, and third year at SIUC in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. Over the summer I worked in Bensenville Illinois, at a company called Product Safety Consulting Inc (PSC).

     PSC is a safety testing lab that assists other companies across the globe with getting their products approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as Underwriter Laboratories. Many companies do not have a compliance engineering department and small companies cannot afford a full-time compliance engineer. Continue reading

Homecoming Blood Drive – By Venkat Ramana Reddy

     Back in my country, when my cousin was born there was an incident. As he was delivered the umbilical cord wasn’t tied properly and he got a blood infection. This infection spread through his blood and within a day of his birth the doctors’ said he would need a complete blood transfusion. His blood group was A+ and while it wasn’t rare, we had a lot of problems getting the blood in time to save his life. At last, we put an ad on TV and four men volunteered to help. This event inspired me to take up the Homecoming Blood Drive project. When my cousin’s life was saved, all I could think was “Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but someone’s blood can” and as important as donations are, the main point of the blood drive is to save the lives of victims effected in hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

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