Building a Winning Team – ATMAE Competition -By Lincoln Kinley

In the LDP we spend a large part of our time putting what we learn into action within our RSOs. However, one of the goals of the LDP is to put what we learn into practice within our RSOs. The SIU ATMAE Robotics team recently attended the Association of Technology Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) National Robotics Competition and we returned with a first-place trophy. Our design team consisted of five members: Paul Schumacher ( Project Manager), Nate Johnson (Engineering Manager), Nick Sjoberg (Hardware Manager), Ryan Guss (Engineering Lead), and myself (Software Manager)

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The Molding of a Leader – By Chiderah Ozbogah

The workout program that I
 plan every Tuesday morning is a way that I can assist in promoting a healthier and enriched lifestyle for many individuals. It is designed to be challenging to some extent. I think it is important to have challenges schemed in a team workout, not only to build character, but to also continuously improve. In any scenario where you are part of a team who has goals to attain; great accomplishments will almost always face controversy. What differentiates great teams from the others is that great teams always find ways to overcome conflict. Henry Kissenger stated that “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”.

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Coming into SIUC with a Team – By Madeleine Meyer

            The Leadership Development Program’s sense of teamwork is beyond anything I could have imagined. Each member and mentor works to achieve LDP‘s visions big or small, but all equally in excellence. Through all of the activities so far this year, the team has worked together to achieve the task at hand whether it was personal or team oriented.

RSO Fair Table run by Diogo Seixas, Jim Gross, Madeleine Meyer, Scott Costello from left to right

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Teamwork – By Nathaniel Lightle

          One of the biggest lessons people take away from the LDP is the importance of teamwork.  A lot of us have been on teams for a long time, whether from sports, volunteering, or other organizations.  However, none of these instances teaches teamwork in the aspect that the LDP does, as it will be in the real world.  In the LDP it is up to us to utilize our team; Dr. DeRuntz has told us countless times not be afraid to ask each other for help and look out for one another.

Spring Big Event Service Project

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