Spring Orientation – By Lincoln Kinley

         Spring Orientation is, without a doubt, one of the most critical points for LDP throughout the whole year. It’s when we take all of our applicants to Touch of Nature for a weekend so we can give them crash course of the LDP. For many of these applicants, it is their first time interacting with LDP, so it is very important to establish standards, without overworking the new members.

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A Great Start with Great Help

           The 17th of January marked the first day of the spring semester for SIU, but the 15th of January was day one for the LDP. By coming back from break early, our goal was to improve team cohesion–something the senior members decided needed improvement. Never being a group that backs down from a challenge, preparation started in the fall to plan a day that would bring everyone closer through some tough but fun challenges.

Cody Johnson reaching for a milk bottle during one of Mr. Calabrese’s team building activities.

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