RSO Fair – by Diogo Seixas

         In the past week, the members from the Leadership Development Program were present in the Registered Student Organization (RSO) fairs from different colleges in the university. It was a fantastic opportunity to show the students and staff what the program has been doing for the last year, practicing leadership skills, as well as being a great chance to recruit new members.

Diogo at the CASA RSO Fair

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Pi Challenge – By Olivia Taitt

           In high school, I was one of those students who prided themselves on knowing the most digits of the geometric coefficient known as pi. I was always ready for a competition. If there was an extra credit or any other incentive to learn more digits, I was there ready to recite. Last year, I did LDP’s Pi Challenge and recited 125 digits, good enough for second place behind Connor’s 185. Thanks to that excitement, I took charge of the event this year.

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